Unexpected Benefits Of Reading Thrillers

Unexpected Benefits Of Reading Thrillers

Books take us to unknown lands without moving an inch. They make us feel emotions we weren’t sure we could handle. We get attached to characters and plots and think about them even days after reading the book. Some books inspire us to be better people, and some haunt us. Sometimes we read something when we were barely fifteen, and even at fifty, we remember how that book made us feel, or we carry the moral for a lifetime. Studies show that when you read, your mind takes those words and meanings and forms a visual stimulus in your brain. This enables us to visualize Bakersfield or Paris without ever visiting there. It is not just limited to the setting. We feel the same towards the development of characters. The clarity in character descriptions makes us visualize the characters in our minds. This is why sometimes when we see a book character comes alive in movies, we are either disappointed or elated with the choice of actor.

Reading a thriller or mystery novel keeps your brain in thriving conditions because you continuously exercise your brain to find a conclusion. You subconsciously challenge yourself to find the killer before the protagonist and wait for validation. It keeps you engaged positively and keeps you from feeling lonely in a big city. It is an excellent stress buster. The perfect way to release stress as it makes you reach catharsis and then makes you feel liberated as you would post-workout. Such books also make us value our relations. When we read about the brutal murder or unexpected death of a loved one, we immediately relate it to our lives. We empathize and then feel blessed if we have that bond or have gone through a similar situation. We connect to it and feel a certain sense of healing. Thrillers often have a theatrical but meaningful lesson at the end.

good mystery

Reading a good mystery enables us to understand the behavioural patterns of humans and understanding of human psychology. Moreover, it provides us with new challenges that probe us to think deeper and see-through things we would otherwise ignore. “The Three Husbands of Annabelle” by Joseph Woodward is a perfect read as it has romance, thrill, suspense, and more carved into one book. It is an ideal workout for multiple facets of your brain. For example, you might get stuck at work or hit a professional block. A unique mystery novel will always provide you with the required stimulus to get your brain running again. This leads to greater creativity in your professional and personal life. One tends to become more open-minded and understanding and value one’s thought process. Your brain builds new connections and notions that help you think out of the box. It is a must need for your ‘me time.’


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