Top Traits That All Great Writers Share

Top Traits That All Great Writers Share

It’s hard to judge your writing ability, particularly if no one has criticized anything you’ve written. However, one of the quickest ways to identify a brilliant writer is by the traits they consistently display.

These characteristics highlight a particular passion and openness, both of which are required to produce exceptional writing, making them vital for a good writer.



Successful writers are accustomed to irritation since revisions, edits, and other changes are all products of a disciplined writing process. No matter how modest the assignment, great writers are continuously reviewing their work. They practise strict discipline, focus on their craft, and never stop trying to get better.

Good vocabulary:

Nobody enjoys reading the exact words over. A great writer should therefore possess a broad, diverse vocabulary. By including intriguing and uncommon terms in their writing, they can keep readers interested and communicate more effectively since they always have the right word.

Must be a reader:

Because being engaged in the world of words helps one better comprehend writing mechanics, voracious readers frequently produce exceptional writers (like syntax, tone, framing, etc.) As one reads more, one becomes more knowledgeable about the many writing techniques and stylistic stances.

Pre-vision about write-up:


Writing well requires reducing complicated ideas and thoughts to straightforward, understandable language. They have the advantage of being able to simplify even the most difficult subjects into manageable parts because of this quality.

Focus on the details:

Great writers are keen observers who are always collecting notes and observing tiny changes in their surroundings. This attention to detail makes them excellent editors who can catch the slightest grammatical mistake during a read-through and also lends a unique touch to their work. No descriptive information is overlooked.

Hard work:

It takes effort to write. Depending on how long the essay is, the writer must not only compose the initial draft but also revise and rewrite it. This process might take months. Good writers can keep going despite setbacks to complete their work.

Good in Grammar:

The requirement for solid writing abilities in a full-time professional writer virtually goes without saying, which is why it is last on the list. Grammatical mistakes will ruin your essay. Word choice errors will make your reader confused.

Active person:

A proficient writer, especially one who works as a freelancer for another party, will frequently be on time. Writing is the enemy of procrastination. It would be best if you met deadlines when readers rely on your work to assist them in achieving their own objectives.

A brilliant writer possesses tenacity, solid grammar, excellent research skills, creativity, humility, punctuality, and a healthy dose of stubbornness. Spend time honing these skills if you wish to pursue writing as a career.


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