Top Thriller Author’s Books Must Have

Top Thriller Author’s Books Must Have

If you appreciate the thrill of a good crime book, you should get to know various criminal thriller writers. This genre features detective fiction and crime novels written by numerous well-known authors that frequently top bestseller lists. Many of those listed below are also well-known mystery writers.

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Louise Penny

Chief Inspector Armand Gamache’s exploits are the subject of books by contemporary crime author Louise Penny. Each of these Canadian-set tales explores the criminal underbelly and follows the inspector and his team as they employ legitimate forensic methods to solve homicides.

Agatha Christie

When talking about writers of criminal thrillers, one of the most well-known is undoubtedly the English author Agatha Christie. She is a charming and easy-to-read novelist who is renowned for her unique plot twists and “who done it” style writing. For several of her works, she designed the renowned detective Hercule Poirot as the lead.

Ann Cleeves

Crime fiction writer Ann Cleeves has books on the New York Times bestseller list. Vera Stanhope and Jimmy Perez, two of her main characters, investigate homicides in Northumberland and the Shetland Islands. The setting of the stories makes for an interesting background.

John Grisham:

Lee Child is the recognised author of the Jack Reacher books. Because Jack Reacher constantly finds himself in the thick of criminal investigations involving serial killers and frequently faces accusations against him, the reader is left thinking whether or not he or she is a handsome man.

Grill Flynn:

American novelist Gillian Flynn has written many books that have achieved New York Times bestseller status. Her most well-known work, Gone Girl, was made into a big-budget movie. Her debut book, Sharp Objects, which was made into an HBO limited series, also won her two Dagger Awards.


Stephen King:

A must-read for this genre is Stephen King, a prolific author of psychological thriller books. In the 1960s, King began by selling little mystery pieces to men’s magazines. He made enough money from his debut book, Carrie, to begin working as a full-time author. Many of his followers still think The Shining is one of his finest novels, despite the fact that he also wrote 63 other books, countless short story collections, and other things. He still publishes new stories now and has reportedly sold 350 million copies of his novels.

The finest crime fiction writers are adept at keeping the reader on the edge of their seat. You may choose from any of the authors on this list, and be sure to have a fun and exciting read. You may appreciate their writing in several ways because some of their literary works have also been made into films.


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