Top Non-fiction Crime books

Top Non-fiction Crime books

These tales hold us more than those in any other genre when it comes to true literary crime. For each thrilling thriller book that leaves readers speechless. Are you among those who experience the most incredible rush while immersed in eerie, thought-provoking, real-life investigations? When factual crime documentaries debut on Netflix, do you binge-watch them right away? Then it would be best if you read these actual crime books.

Lost Girls

Lost Girls by Robert Kolker:

The investigation into a Long Island serial murderer who preyed on young women between 2007 and 2010 is the subject of the renowned true crime mystery by Robert Kolker. Long after you’ve done reading, you’ll be intrigued by Kolker’s description of the atrocities and the young girls’ miserable conditions.

The book, written in 2013 and based on extensive study, seeks to explain unfathomable acts. Where did these little girls end up? Kolker delves into their decisions and lives, leaving readers tormented by the loss described in this depressing novel.

Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson:

This captivating best seller will be for you if the same-titled 2019 motion picture starring Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Fox affects you. As he works over decades to free death row convicts who have been unfairly convicted, attorney and author Bryan Stevenson recalls his experiences in forming the Equal Justice Initiative.

The novel’s main subject is Walter McMillian, who was found guilty of murder in 1986 despite scant proof and inconsistent testimony. Stevenson illustrates the tenacity required to fight an often ruthlessly unjust legal system.

Furious Hours, by Casey Cep:

Furious Hours, a successful blend of actual crime and literary history, offers readers to the novel Harper Lee intended to write following the astronomical success of her 1960 debut, To Kill a Mockingbird. In the 1970s, Lee started researching the real-life case of Southern preacher Reverend Willie Maxwell, who was charged with killing five family members to collect insurance money and eventually committed himself while attending a relative’s burial.

Furious Hours

The Third Rainbow Girl by Emma Copley Eisenberg:

The 1980 slaying of two female hitchhikers who were traveling to a gathering known as the Rainbow Gathering is the focus of Emma Copley Eisenberg’s novel The Third Rainbow Girl. It was thirteen years before anyone was found guilty. 1993 saw the imprisonment and subsequent release of two men after one made a confession. To research the killings and assess how they affected a tiny Appalachian town, Eisenberg relocated to the West Virginia region where they took place.

These beautiful stories serve as a reminder that true crime does not just have a tidy plot with a villainous genius, valiant investigators, and perfect victims. Life is considerably messier than that, and so are crimes.



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