Readers’ Picks: Must-Read Mysteries and Thrillers

Readers’ Picks: Must-Read Mysteries and Thrillers

When in the mood for a bit of suspense, there is no better way to kickstart than a good book of mystery and thriller. It gets us thinking, keeps us alert, and transports us into their world. Then, the guessing game starts, and we turn into detectives with our protagonists and root for them till the end. With the weekend coming up, this is the perfect time to start your reading journey with these fantastic suggestions.

All The Devils Are Here by Louis Penny

In her All the Devils Are Here, Louis Penny intricately weaves plot and characters that develop along the story effortlessly. The characters have nuanced relationships in the beautiful setting of Paris. Detective Gamache has a deep insight into the human heart and solves almost impossible jobs. The author keeps playing the guessing game with her readers and gets them thinking at all times. You are sure to keep turning pages until you finish the book.

The Beast Must Die by Nicholas Blake

No one can understand the deep love of parenthood unless you are a parent. So, the urge to save your child or punish the person who harms your child is deep and dangerous. The narrator is a father who finds out about his son’s killer. It is a psychological thriller with several twists and turns that will leave you shocked till the end. The process of the father’s grieving, revenge, anger, and how he is coping with his emotions will keep you engaged. All these, with the backdrop of gripping suspense, make you root for the character till the end.

Sandrine’s Case by Thomas H Cook

If you are a person who is romantic and enjoys suspense and thriller mystery, Sandrine’s Case is perfect for you. The protagonist of this book is a man charged with murdering his wife. Yet, he remains silent and does not defend himself. His daughter, who idolizes her father, is distressed and confused about why her father is not speaking up. During the trial, the man learns about several things about his wife that, otherwise, he wasn’t aware that makes him fall in love with his wife again. This is one of the best romantic crime novels one can read.


Beast In View by Margaret Millar

Margaret Miller is known for her straightforward writing style, complex grey characters, and ability to understand human psychology. However, her books are gripping, with a big twist at the end. She lays her plot so smoothly that the twisting end does not seem forced down on the readers. It is almost as if it was just there but only hidden in plain sight.

All these books are unique, with different sub-genre, but the goal is the same, to give you a gripping, entertaining, and thrilling mystery. So, grab your favourite copy now.


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