Biggest Historical Mysteries that will Probably Never be Solved

Biggest Historical Mysteries that will Probably Never be Solved

From the time of Jesus’ birth to Cleopatra’s missing tomb and many more mysteries, it remains a question in peoples’ minds. It can be due to the lack of excavated evidence, the destruction of archeological sites, or the people’s strong beliefs. The lack of answers makes it more intriguing for the world to fetch answers.

Here are some historical mysteries that may or may not be solved in the present or the future.

Jack the Ripper

History shows that in 1888, Jack the Ripper killed a minimum of five women in London and mutilated their bodies. Despite the constant search, the police failed to catch hold of the murderer. Several letters were written taunting the failed efforts of the police. John Morries also wrote a book on the Ripper – “Jack the Ripper: The Hand of Woman,” which suggests that a woman named Lizzie Williams was the Ripper. However, many experts doubt it, and the mystery remains unsolved.

Cleopatra’s Tomb

Cleopatra VII was buried together in 30 BC.C. The tomb was near the beautiful temple of Iris, an Egyptian goddess. In 2010, when Zahi Hawass conducted excavations near the site, the tomb was missing. The original location of the grave and the story of what happened to it remains unknown.

King Arthur

King Arthur’s story has been heard for 1000 years, but the actual existence of Arthur is unknown. The early survivors talk about a powerful character, not even a king, who fought various battles against the Saxons. Although different resemblance point to the king’s existence, many excavations have proved otherwise. Even now, some people believe King Arthur to be a fictional character.

Jimmy Hoffa

Jimmy Hoffa was a union leader who organized crimes across the world. He disappeared on June 30, 1975, in Oakland and was pronounced legally dead in 1982. The story behind his death, the killers, and the location of his tomb is still unknown to the world. As the years go by, researchers are still trying to find the mystery behind his death, but to no avail.

John F Kennedy

biggest mystery of JFK's death

The biggest mystery of JFK’s death on November 22, 1963, remains in the American minds. JFK was shot dead in Dallas by Harvey Oswald, who was fatally shot in a nightclub in 1963, right before his trial, by Ruby, the nightclub’s owner. The vaguest explanation is that Oswald killed JFK, and Ruby killed Oswald on his terms. Although there exist numerous explanations for this story, the intent behind their murders still is a seed for thought.

Money pit on Oak Island

For over two centuries, rumors of a buried money pit in Oak Island, Canada, have circulated around the world. Since then, numerous expeditions have been conducted to retrieve the money left by the pirate captain, William Kidd, but to no avail. However, despite no evidence, it still has not stopped people from believing the rumors.


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