Best Mystery Books to Read This Weekend

Best Mystery Books to Read This Weekend

Whenever you start a detective novel, what else do you suppose? Probably a gripping narrative that makes you want to know who the murderer was. The greatest thriller books subtly drop clues all along the path to make you feel like a hidden investigator. A good murder trial would always rank in first in an anthology of mysteries, but other stories are as noteworthy.

And Then There Were None By Agatha Christie

It’s difficult to prevent dragging up the legendary Agatha Christie when talking about mysteries. Since no other product of hers has a story as skilfully crafted as And Then There Were None, it is the best detective book written to date.

The story revolves around 10 people who, for varying reasons, find themselves together in an empty lot on an island chain. The unidentified hosts of this unusual event have instructed two of the ten attendees to be in control of the house as the chef and housekeeper since they cannot be there. About the days progress in accordance with the rhyme’s lyrics as death, every welcomed visitor is pushed to confront the tune and bear the consequences of their hard backstories.

The Big Sleep By Raymond Chandler

The typical notion of surprise does not apply to Raymond Chandler; the setting and the characters are more important than the intricate storyline. The oldest child of a prominent colonel, Carmen Sternwood, is now being threatened, so private investigator Philip Marlowe is hired to check into the situation. The Big Sleep is indeed not your normal story as a consequence. The saga continues as he goes further into this delicate scenario and Carmen is hounded by the other folks in a maze of unexpected connections between the participants.

Gone Girl

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Gone Girl is occasionally more famous for its massive film production adaptation, which is the ultimate mystery for the contemporary communication age. When his dear wife Amy disappears, Nick Dunne finds himself unexpectedly facing scrutiny; everyone, especially her family, his colleagues, and the authorities, lean towards believing that he is seemingly to blame. Nick immediately understands how his daughter feels about him and just how much he understands about her after hearing stories about her from friends he hasn’t seen in a while.
And although you really cannot avoid the press hoopla around the film adaptation, reading this novel is still worthwhile for the pleasure of penetrating these unreliable speakers’ minds.

The Postman Always Rings Twice By James M.Cain

Why The Postman Always Rings Twice is frequently touted as the best mystery book of the 20th century is simple to comprehend. It’s quick, dirty, and full of surprises, so you won’t have time to catch your breathe. The truth is that Cain’s speech was so horrifyingly detailed that Massachusetts momentarily banned the book.


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