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Unexpected Benefits Of Reading Thrillers

Reading Thrillers

Books take us to unknown lands without moving an inch. They make us feel emotions we weren’t sure we could handle. We get attached to characters and plots and think about them even days after reading the book. Some books inspire us to be better people, and some haunt us. Sometimes we read something when we were barely fifteen, and even at fifty, we remember how that book made us feel, or we carry the moral for a lifetime. Studies show that when you read, your mind takes those words and meanings and forms a visual stimulus in your brain. This enables us to visualize Bakersfield or Paris without ever visiting there. It is not just limited to the setting. We feel the same towards the development of characters. The clarity in character descriptions makes us visualize the characters in our minds. This is why sometimes when we see a book character comes alive in movies, we are either disappointed or elated with the choice of actor.

Reading a thriller or mystery novel keeps your brain in thriving conditions because you continuously exercise your brain to find a conclusion. You subconsciously challenge yourself to find the killer before the protagonist and wait for validation. It keeps you engaged positively and keeps you from feeling lonely in a big city. It is an excellent stress buster. The perfect way to release stress as it makes you reach catharsis and then makes you feel liberated as you would post-workout. Such books also make us value our relations. When we read about the brutal murder or unexpected death of a loved one, we immediately relate it to our lives. We empathize and then feel blessed if we have that bond or have gone through a similar situation. We connect to it and feel a certain sense of healing. Thrillers often have a theatrical but meaningful lesson at the end.

good mystery

Reading a good mystery enables us to understand the behavioural patterns of humans and understanding of human psychology. Moreover, it provides us with new challenges that probe us to think deeper and see-through things we would otherwise ignore. “The Three Husbands of Annabelle” by Joseph Woodward is a perfect read as it has romance, thrill, suspense, and more carved into one book. It is an ideal workout for multiple facets of your brain. For example, you might get stuck at work or hit a professional block. A unique mystery novel will always provide you with the required stimulus to get your brain running again. This leads to greater creativity in your professional and personal life. One tends to become more open-minded and understanding and value one’s thought process. Your brain builds new connections and notions that help you think out of the box. It is a must need for your ‘me time.’

Top Traits That All Great Writers Share

Great Writers

It’s hard to judge your writing ability, particularly if no one has criticized anything you’ve written. However, one of the quickest ways to identify a brilliant writer is by the traits they consistently display.

These characteristics highlight a particular passion and openness, both of which are required to produce exceptional writing, making them vital for a good writer.



Successful writers are accustomed to irritation since revisions, edits, and other changes are all products of a disciplined writing process. No matter how modest the assignment, great writers are continuously reviewing their work. They practise strict discipline, focus on their craft, and never stop trying to get better.

Good vocabulary:

Nobody enjoys reading the exact words over. A great writer should therefore possess a broad, diverse vocabulary. By including intriguing and uncommon terms in their writing, they can keep readers interested and communicate more effectively since they always have the right word.

Must be a reader:

Because being engaged in the world of words helps one better comprehend writing mechanics, voracious readers frequently produce exceptional writers (like syntax, tone, framing, etc.) As one reads more, one becomes more knowledgeable about the many writing techniques and stylistic stances.

Pre-vision about write-up:


Writing well requires reducing complicated ideas and thoughts to straightforward, understandable language. They have the advantage of being able to simplify even the most difficult subjects into manageable parts because of this quality.

Focus on the details:

Great writers are keen observers who are always collecting notes and observing tiny changes in their surroundings. This attention to detail makes them excellent editors who can catch the slightest grammatical mistake during a read-through and also lends a unique touch to their work. No descriptive information is overlooked.

Hard work:

It takes effort to write. Depending on how long the essay is, the writer must not only compose the initial draft but also revise and rewrite it. This process might take months. Good writers can keep going despite setbacks to complete their work.

Good in Grammar:

The requirement for solid writing abilities in a full-time professional writer virtually goes without saying, which is why it is last on the list. Grammatical mistakes will ruin your essay. Word choice errors will make your reader confused.

Active person:

A proficient writer, especially one who works as a freelancer for another party, will frequently be on time. Writing is the enemy of procrastination. It would be best if you met deadlines when readers rely on your work to assist them in achieving their own objectives.

A brilliant writer possesses tenacity, solid grammar, excellent research skills, creativity, humility, punctuality, and a healthy dose of stubbornness. Spend time honing these skills if you wish to pursue writing as a career.

Top Thriller Author’s Books Must Have

Author’s Books

If you appreciate the thrill of a good crime book, you should get to know various criminal thriller writers. This genre features detective fiction and crime novels written by numerous well-known authors that frequently top bestseller lists. Many of those listed below are also well-known mystery writers.

crime novels

Louise Penny

Chief Inspector Armand Gamache’s exploits are the subject of books by contemporary crime author Louise Penny. Each of these Canadian-set tales explores the criminal underbelly and follows the inspector and his team as they employ legitimate forensic methods to solve homicides.

Agatha Christie

When talking about writers of criminal thrillers, one of the most well-known is undoubtedly the English author Agatha Christie. She is a charming and easy-to-read novelist who is renowned for her unique plot twists and “who done it” style writing. For several of her works, she designed the renowned detective Hercule Poirot as the lead.

Ann Cleeves

Crime fiction writer Ann Cleeves has books on the New York Times bestseller list. Vera Stanhope and Jimmy Perez, two of her main characters, investigate homicides in Northumberland and the Shetland Islands. The setting of the stories makes for an interesting background.

John Grisham:

Lee Child is the recognised author of the Jack Reacher books. Because Jack Reacher constantly finds himself in the thick of criminal investigations involving serial killers and frequently faces accusations against him, the reader is left thinking whether or not he or she is a handsome man.

Grill Flynn:

American novelist Gillian Flynn has written many books that have achieved New York Times bestseller status. Her most well-known work, Gone Girl, was made into a big-budget movie. Her debut book, Sharp Objects, which was made into an HBO limited series, also won her two Dagger Awards.


Stephen King:

A must-read for this genre is Stephen King, a prolific author of psychological thriller books. In the 1960s, King began by selling little mystery pieces to men’s magazines. He made enough money from his debut book, Carrie, to begin working as a full-time author. Many of his followers still think The Shining is one of his finest novels, despite the fact that he also wrote 63 other books, countless short story collections, and other things. He still publishes new stories now and has reportedly sold 350 million copies of his novels.

The finest crime fiction writers are adept at keeping the reader on the edge of their seat. You may choose from any of the authors on this list, and be sure to have a fun and exciting read. You may appreciate their writing in several ways because some of their literary works have also been made into films.

Top spine-chilling horror Thriller must watch

Horror Thriller

Film criticism is fundamentally subjective. What frightens one person may appear harmless to another. Because of this, this article will also examine other aspects of each movie, such as acting and direction, in addition to how scary it is. These lists usually spark discussion. In the end, you should use this list as a starting point when deciding which horror movies to watch next.

The strangers (2008)

A couple’s retreat is ruined when masked individuals appear at their homes. The Strangers contains a few terrifying moments, but for the most part, it’s a somewhat formulaic slasher film that doesn’t contribute anything to the genre.

The strangers

The ABCs of Death (2013)

Horror collections are unique. You receive several terrifying tales rather than just one. The ABCs of Death might be hit or miss, but you can hear from various filmmakers and see some very inspiring moments.

The Amityville Horror (1979)

Based on purportedly actual incidents, The Amityville Horror. While many of the movie’s facts can be contested, it is undeniable that convincing people that your ghost story is true works. After its first release, it became a huge hit and inspired several sequels. Allowing the public to frighten themselves on your behalf might occasionally be the best film promotion.

Child’s Play (1988)

A serial killer’s spirit inhabits a doll, which then commits murder. Child’s Play skillfully balances humor and horror. Although the tonal balance doesn’t always work, it succeeds in frightening and amusing viewers.

The Visit (2015)

As The Sixth Sense is more of a thriller than a horror film, it won’t be included on this list. The Visit, directed by M. Night Shyamalan, is a legitimate horror movie that works rather well. Not all is as it appears when two children are dumped off at their grandparents’ house. It’s a delightful surprise and proves that Shyamalan can still thrill audiences when given the correct subject.

The Visit (2015)

Cronos (1993)

The full-length film Cronos is directed by Guillermo del Toro for the first time. Because it displays everything del Toro would eventually explore in his films, it is a must-watch for fans of the director. The vampire genre is given a twist in this movie, just like The Shape of Water did with the concept of the creature from the black lagoon, giving filmmakers something new to work with.

You’ve successfully navigated the “monster” list of the top horror thriller movies.  The films we just listed all have the trait of being regarded as among the finest films ever made. However, several underrated horror films demand more recognition. For that reason, this post put up a list of spooky movies that only a few discuss.


Top Non-fiction Crime books

Crime books

These tales hold us more than those in any other genre when it comes to true literary crime. For each thrilling thriller book that leaves readers speechless. Are you among those who experience the most incredible rush while immersed in eerie, thought-provoking, real-life investigations? When factual crime documentaries debut on Netflix, do you binge-watch them right away? Then it would be best if you read these actual crime books.

Lost Girls

Lost Girls by Robert Kolker:

The investigation into a Long Island serial murderer who preyed on young women between 2007 and 2010 is the subject of the renowned true crime mystery by Robert Kolker. Long after you’ve done reading, you’ll be intrigued by Kolker’s description of the atrocities and the young girls’ miserable conditions.

The book, written in 2013 and based on extensive study, seeks to explain unfathomable acts. Where did these little girls end up? Kolker delves into their decisions and lives, leaving readers tormented by the loss described in this depressing novel.

Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson:

This captivating best seller will be for you if the same-titled 2019 motion picture starring Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Fox affects you. As he works over decades to free death row convicts who have been unfairly convicted, attorney and author Bryan Stevenson recalls his experiences in forming the Equal Justice Initiative.

The novel’s main subject is Walter McMillian, who was found guilty of murder in 1986 despite scant proof and inconsistent testimony. Stevenson illustrates the tenacity required to fight an often ruthlessly unjust legal system.

Furious Hours, by Casey Cep:

Furious Hours, a successful blend of actual crime and literary history, offers readers to the novel Harper Lee intended to write following the astronomical success of her 1960 debut, To Kill a Mockingbird. In the 1970s, Lee started researching the real-life case of Southern preacher Reverend Willie Maxwell, who was charged with killing five family members to collect insurance money and eventually committed himself while attending a relative’s burial.

Furious Hours

The Third Rainbow Girl by Emma Copley Eisenberg:

The 1980 slaying of two female hitchhikers who were traveling to a gathering known as the Rainbow Gathering is the focus of Emma Copley Eisenberg’s novel The Third Rainbow Girl. It was thirteen years before anyone was found guilty. 1993 saw the imprisonment and subsequent release of two men after one made a confession. To research the killings and assess how they affected a tiny Appalachian town, Eisenberg relocated to the West Virginia region where they took place.

These beautiful stories serve as a reminder that true crime does not just have a tidy plot with a villainous genius, valiant investigators, and perfect victims. Life is considerably messier than that, and so are crimes.


Top 4 Crime Thriller must read

Crime Thriller

Nothing keeps you flipping pages late into the night like an engrossing crime fiction book. You’ll find it here whether you’re searching for a soft detective tale, a cozy crime series, historical crime fiction, or heart-pounding true-crime cases. You may find the list in this article.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn:

Gillian Flynn’s mega-hit Gone Girl, read by millions of stylish people better than any other decade novel, perfectly encapsulated the spirit of female wrath. Flynn’s terrifying critique of the patriarchy allowed seemingly comfortable women to express their inner unhappiness.


There are many reasons to laud this novel. Still, if we only concentrate on its influence, Gone Girl not only started a decade of female-authored and feminist-driven mystery fiction. It gave us what is possibly the finest speech in criminal history and served to revive the psychological thriller genre.

The long drop by Denise Mina:

The Long Drop by Denise Mina would be a no-brainer option if someone had to name just one book they loved from this decade since it not only offers one of the most sophisticated interpretations of what violence means. It tells the tale of Peter Manuel, a Glasgow serial murderer who operated in the 1950s. There are usually two versions of true crime stories: the official verdict and the one that witnesses spread among one another. Additionally, the writing is exquisite, taking the reader to a mid-century Scotland struggling to recreate itself despite being burdened by the past.

Dare Me by Megan Abbott:

Although choosing the Megan Abbott book of the decade is like selecting the finest crime novels of the same period, it feels like Dare Me, Abbott’s soon-to-be-televised noir homage to the perilous world of cheering, is the most famous. Dare Me is the novel that shows Abbott could be just as nimble and hard-boiled while writing about modern youth. Abbott first gained notoriety for her finely depicted historical noirs.

crime novels

The Key to Deceit by Ashley Weaver:

With its original perspective on espionage, murder, and war at home, this compelling tale brings the backdrop of London during World War II to life. Ellie’s razor-sharp humor and the character development of each make them all lovable. The criminal background contrasts incredibly well with Felix’s stylish, slightly felonious tendencies and Major Ramsey’s rigid demeanor. The book is readily read as a stand-alone narrative, but readers will undoubtedly want to enjoy the first part.

The criminal books listed above are essential for any reader of crime. Any text you select from the ones on this list will be entertaining and thrilling to read. Because several of their literary works have also been adapted into films, you may be able to enjoy the writing style and plot bending in many ways.

The Popularity Of Crime Fiction Books: Why?

crime fiction books

People find crime fascinating, and detectives spend most of their time attempting to solve crimes. However, the appeal of the criminal genre has little direct relation to actual crime. People are predisposed to listen to tales, especially crime stories, so it has far more to do with the fundamental nature of storytelling.


Cause and effect:

One of the excellent narrative tenets is cause and consequence, and crime fiction best exemplifies this. Because the reader or audience sees every scene as having the potential to generate an impact that occurs later in the tale, you’ll notice more in crime fiction than in other genres that every stage has to be justified. Each plot event needs to have a reason for occurring in the story.

Proper narrative principle:

The purest genre, in terms of structure, is crime fiction. The narrative idea is particularly evident in classic crime fiction. Crime is the most visible external issue that serves as an instigating occurrence. Until the investigator gets the call to investigate the incident, the crime is not a part of their daily lives.

The investigator is therefore assigned a task or a mission. The plot lays out the investigator’s goal to solve the crime. An investigator’s job is to identify the first clue in a series of clues that will lead to the resolution of a crime.


Managing the social environment requires us to have a human desire to understand the motivations of others around us. Crime fiction offers a kind of arena for honing this ability. Because the inspiration behind the act, not the perpetrator, makes a crime narrative intriguing. It’s more often a whytheydunnit than a whodunnit.

Crime fiction offers a kind of arena for honing this ability. Because the motivation behind the crime is more intriguing in a crime narrative than the perpetrator, it’s more often a whytheydunnit than a whodunnit.

Search for truth:

Gaining consciousness is the result of a quest for the truth. Creating the moment of epiphany is one of the keys to writing excellent stories and creating a pivotal scene that serves as the audience’s “aha” moment and organizing the remainder of the narrative structure around it. Compared to other genres, crime fiction has the intriguing twist that the main character frequently shows no sign of development. The main character in most stories learns a lesson, develops emotionally, and transforms by the time the story is over. For most investigators in crime novels, that cannot be claimed.

Of course, crime fiction also deals with mortality in its subject matter. As a result, comedy and tragedy, two of the oldest and most traditional forms of storytelling, have many characteristics of crime fiction. Consequently, it conveys practically everything that can be obtained through storytelling.

Mystery Book Series that keep the Twists Coming

Mystery Book

A good mystery book is always intriguing for any reader. So, finding the best mystery book to read in your space is like hitting a bonanza. There are soft mysteries, hardcore detective fiction, and so many other sub-genres. There is no better feeling for a mystery lover than opening a mystery book packed with unexpected twists and turns and an even surprising end. Here are some best-read mystery books that will keep you hooked till the end.

The Nora Watt Series by Sheena Kamal

If you idolize Lisbeth Salander, this is the perfect series. Kamal tries to make the world better by weaving an out-there but unsaid lesson through her mystery series. The stories are dark, unjust, and, at times, mortifying. However, her detective Nora Watts uses her world-class investigating skills to solve crimes to make the world a safer place to live in, one case at a time. “The Lost Ones” begins with the protagonist getting a call from the adoption agency that the daughter she was supposed to adopt was missing. So now she had to dive back into her past and find her daughter for the second time. The story is gripping and emotional and will keep you rooted for the protagonist till the end.

The Dublin Murder Squad Series by Tana French

The Dublin Murder Squad is one of the best mystery series for any reader. The writing is strong, beautiful, and impeccable, with a close-knit plot and rich character development. Each book has a different detective with a separate mystery plot, so you don’t need to read the books in any particular order. However, the book “In the Woods” is a perfect start to the series.

The Dublin Murder Squad Series

The Flower Shop Mysteries by Kate Collins

Kate Collins has written 19 volumes in this series. All the mysteries revolve around a flower shop. The books are engaging and dark, with unthinkable plots. The stories are tight-knit and leave you guessing till the end. You may also check out their movie versions on the Hallmark Channel.

The Wyndham and Banerjee Mysteries by Abir Mukherjee

Abir Mukherjee has penned down one of the best historical crime fiction of recent times. However, creating a plot in a different setting can be challenging. First, one needs to do ample research and place the ground with the storyline. Then, two parallel thoughts merge at the end to create the sweet spot. The story revolves around a World War I veteran and former Scotland Yard detective, Wyndham, posted in Calcutta. He joins Surendranath Banerjee in investigating heinous crimes with a political or a historical backdrop. The characters are complex but weave in quickly into the Plot, making it an enjoyable read.

These series will transform you into their own world, and you will stay glued in until you get clarity.

Readers’ Picks: Must-Read Mysteries and Thrillers

Mysteries and Thrillers

When in the mood for a bit of suspense, there is no better way to kickstart than a good book of mystery and thriller. It gets us thinking, keeps us alert, and transports us into their world. Then, the guessing game starts, and we turn into detectives with our protagonists and root for them till the end. With the weekend coming up, this is the perfect time to start your reading journey with these fantastic suggestions.

All The Devils Are Here by Louis Penny

In her All the Devils Are Here, Louis Penny intricately weaves plot and characters that develop along the story effortlessly. The characters have nuanced relationships in the beautiful setting of Paris. Detective Gamache has a deep insight into the human heart and solves almost impossible jobs. The author keeps playing the guessing game with her readers and gets them thinking at all times. You are sure to keep turning pages until you finish the book.

The Beast Must Die by Nicholas Blake

No one can understand the deep love of parenthood unless you are a parent. So, the urge to save your child or punish the person who harms your child is deep and dangerous. The narrator is a father who finds out about his son’s killer. It is a psychological thriller with several twists and turns that will leave you shocked till the end. The process of the father’s grieving, revenge, anger, and how he is coping with his emotions will keep you engaged. All these, with the backdrop of gripping suspense, make you root for the character till the end.

Sandrine’s Case by Thomas H Cook

If you are a person who is romantic and enjoys suspense and thriller mystery, Sandrine’s Case is perfect for you. The protagonist of this book is a man charged with murdering his wife. Yet, he remains silent and does not defend himself. His daughter, who idolizes her father, is distressed and confused about why her father is not speaking up. During the trial, the man learns about several things about his wife that, otherwise, he wasn’t aware that makes him fall in love with his wife again. This is one of the best romantic crime novels one can read.


Beast In View by Margaret Millar

Margaret Miller is known for her straightforward writing style, complex grey characters, and ability to understand human psychology. However, her books are gripping, with a big twist at the end. She lays her plot so smoothly that the twisting end does not seem forced down on the readers. It is almost as if it was just there but only hidden in plain sight.

All these books are unique, with different sub-genre, but the goal is the same, to give you a gripping, entertaining, and thrilling mystery. So, grab your favourite copy now.

4 Best Detective Novel Series of All Time

Novel Series

Detective stories are a distinctive thrilling experience for any reader. This genre not only entices us to solve the puzzle with the protagonist but also gives us a satisfying climax by disentangling the truth at the end of our reading journey. Detective novels board us on a roller coaster of their reality. We are overseeing everything through a window, or we may have the power to be invisible and solve crimes with our favourite detective. So many remarkable detective novels will keep you thrilled till the end. Here is a list of the four best detective novel series you should check before entering a bookstore.

Detective novels

Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie (1934)

A snowbank stopped the Orient Express on a dark, cold night. The following day, one of the passengers, a wealthy American tycoon, was found dead with a dozen stab wounds in his compartment. Hercule Poirot is a famous Belgian detective who starts to probe into the matter and discovers that there is more than one person who has all the motifs of committing this crime. So now, the question is, who killed the tycoon?

The Hound of Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1902)

No detective novel series is complete without Sherlock Holmes. Unfortunately, Holmes’s friend Charles Baskervilles dies. It is on him now to investigate his friend’s murder. There is a myth that a ghostly hound haunts the upland of the Baskerville estates. So, is the killer supernatural or just an evil man with a deadly motif? This story will keep you on edge till the last page of the novel. It is a cult favourite among detective story lovers.

The Name of The Rose by Umberto Eco (1980)

The novel is set in 1327 in the Northern Italian abbey filled with Benedictine monks. Something strange is going on in this abbey. Seven monks die in strange, inexplicable ways. Friar William of Bakersville is investigating the case and has to find out the killer as soon as possible. He is a sharply intellectual and witty detective that will keep you gripped by the story till the end.


The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson (2005)

It is a Swedish crime novel, translated into English in 2008, leading it to become an international bestseller. This novel is a violent story of revenge and murder with a gripping plot. It is one of the most famous detective crime thrillers published in the near past. The story revolves around a journalist, Mikael Blomkvist, and a punk hacker, Lisbeth Salander, who solve the odd mysteries, interlacing corruption, and disservice.

Step into your nearest bookstore and grab these copies and enjoy your upcoming weekend. These books will make your long travel hours pass in an instant. These books will transport you to their world and keep you glued until the end.